Tracking mode keyframes

I often change the tracking mode for a given layer, during tracking. So lets say the first 50 frames are tracked in Perspective mode, then I switch to PRS mode, then just position and end up with Perspective once more for the end of the shot.
Is there a way to access those keyframes?
I can’t find them in the dope sheet, the only time I see them is when I create a new keyframe, then the track bar in main view starts showing tracking mode keyframes instead of spline keyframes. Then I can see the keyframes and delete if I want to. But as soon as I touch a spline or a vertex on any layer, the track bar reverts to showing spline keyframes, which I guess is ok.
Is there a way to just see the tracking mode keyframes without creating a new one?
Is there a way of choosing wich property keyframes the track bar is showing in the main view?


I see what you’re talking about. Yes, this is how the keyframe visualization currently works.

By default, the auto-keyframing behavior is enabled. That’s why every time you touch any parameter - the new keyframe is created. But If you turn it off, then click any of the Motion type checkboxes - you will see the corresponding keyframes without creating a new one.


Also, If you click on the “Translation” motion type, you will see the according keys, but the new one shouldn’t be created. Does it works for you?

Thanks :slight_smile: