Tracking on a Stabilised Plate Issue


I have this odd issue where I have undistorted and stabilised at a given depth my sourceplate in Nuke and rendered this out. Everything looks good.

I then import this precomped render into Mocha, setup the project as normal and cache the clip. However the stabilised precomped sourceplate is not stabilised in the same way compared to when it is in Nuke. It is the exact same image sequence and I cannot work out what is causing this? It’s basically causing all of my tracks from Mocha to be off because its not tracking the same plate as in Nuke

Any help much appreciated to solve this one. Mocha 2019 v6.0.3


Just some more additional info, the image sequence was a 16bit EXR sequence with a bounding box that went outside the format because it was stabilised. Could this be causing this mismatch when in Mocha?

I just precomped again but rendered it as a jpeg image sequence and imported this into Mocha and it now matches Nuke exactly! So something funky is happening when using stabilised exr sequences?

That is odd. We should look into it. Let me see if this is something @martinb has seen too.

Hi Josh,

We currently don’t support windowed EXR files. You might want to try adding a reformat node before your rendered source to force the clip.

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Good to know, reformat worked. Caching the EXR sequence is also now substantially quicker too. Cheers Martin