Tracking only the Motion

i have issues with removing a surfer from the Ocean.
everything explained on the attached video,
the only thing i would say, im trying to understand the priciple of attaching one layer to another.

Hi there,

The Remove module uses planar tracking for a good remove.

The ocean is too fractal for the remove module. But the good news is the ocean moves fractally together, so you can just roto the surfer out of the layer and offset the ocean beneath them on a duplicated layer and some feathering and you’ll likely get good results.

Let me know if that works for you,

So i tried what you suggested and it seems it brought me half of the way, so thanks.
Any other suggestion?

Find a more similarly colored part of the ocean and use more feathering. Alternatively, hand color correct the ocean. You will want to feather quite a bit more.