Tracking out of frame sun

Hello. I need 2D track sun in this footage to insert BCC Lens Flare 3D. Even if it out of frame. First of all i’m tracking mountain edge, and when camera pitch down - track some water in grass. But i dont understand, how i can marge this tracking data in one and export it from mocha. What is correct workflow in this case?


Perhaps others will have different thoughts, but frankly I think you’re making it way too hard for yourself. Instead of tracking the sun, track the ground to get a good 3D camera solve in which to create a good null position. Your null doesn’t actually move, just the camera relative to it. Your sun & sky are way too blown out to begin with to even know where a flare would be pixel accurately placed anyway, so if you’ve good null movement (relative to the camera), parent your effect to that and finesse it’s position as needed.

Hope that makes sense.

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Good idea, thank you. But make good 3d camera solve takes much more time for me, than two simple flat trackers. And it is difficult for me to understand coordinates mesh in case of 3d camera solver. During some time i can set sun in right position and get right dynamic, but way that i do is it totaly random.

I played around a bit with your footage and just not finding enough usable planes in which to do an accurate Camera Solve. There might be a means to do so but might take more effort than it’s worth for the end result. So perhaps as you suggest, simple keyframing might be the quickest way for this shot. I use Video Copilots Optical Flares rather than the BCC one you have, but quickly got a pretty good result.

First off, I’m not a Mocha expert… yet, but I can hear Mary now saying you’re tracking two different planes to use for a third layer which might not even work. On tope of that, those puddles have reflections which is also bad. Mary just posted a quick tip the other day telling you NOT to included reflections.

Maybe, as Whitney stated above, you need to simplify. This motion is very smooth and predictable. Seems like this could very easily be keyframed by hand, right? I mean, you already of a real sun and flare to guide you. I would start with that and then see how Mocha can enhance it. Just my .02¢.


Thank you, i chose i light example to understend mocha logics, of course i can do this work in 10-20 keyframes manualy.

But I’ve solved it with mocha. At first i am tracked mountain edge, and when it is out of frame i draw another shape in this layer (on earth or bush) and tracking it. During this operation - second shape pushd first outside the frame, but center point still the same.

Is it good way or not?

I’d probably just use a translation only track here and draw a shape around your mountain area, then simply go to “link to track” and select “none” and let the tracker animate the track offscreen for you. It’s sky, you don’t need scale or anything, just the position.

In this case, even though it’s several different planes, you really only need the camera motion. Reading everything that moves underneath the shape should do it for you. But do animate your shape out of the reflections in the water, they will cause problems for you.