Tracking problem with sandy ground / Science Fiction

Dear people,

I would like to camera solve a pretty complex shot which we filmed in a bluescreen studio.

You can find the clip for it here:

To get my vertical plane, I can track all the markers on the blue background but I cannot get a clean track of the ground which is covered with sand (horizontal plane). This means: The camera solver can use the data of the vertical planes but can’t use the data of the sandy horizontal plane.

Do you guys have any ideas what I could do? I would be so thankful, this shot is responsible for many sleepless nights.

Thanks so much!


I hate to say it, but this is not a very good candidate for the Mocha camera solver because the ground plane goes offscreen.

You might have better results with a traditional camera tracker. But you’ll have to crank the contrast.

Dear Mary,

thanks for taking care of this. Do you mean a pixel tracker (like the one implemented in AFX)?



Yes, or a dedicated camera tracking package.

Thanks a lot! Can you recommend a tool with which I could master these kind of shots?


It depends on who you ask. Nuke’s camera tracker is pretty good.

Don’t know if this may help, but if you know someone around you who knows the app, you could probably make it in Fusion

Thanks a lot, guys! Since it’s an independent production, I cannot use Nuke or Fusion. I will try out Syntheyes, maybe I will have a chance to resume working in AFX.

Merry Christmas,