Tracking scaled down (resized video clip)

I noticed that Mocha AE cannot apply tracking data to a scaled - resized video clip. Is this feature available in Mocah Pro?

Just pre-comp the layer you’re applying the Mocha tracking data to, that way the manual scale adjustment isn’t modified.

Thanks, but I don’t think we’re on the same page. I’m scaling down - resizing a 1920 x 1080 down to 192 x 180 pixels. If I set the pre-comp to 192 x 180 I get what I get. I’m trying to insert an image inside a small tv screen that is an array of several tv screens. I’ve be told that Fusion’s node based workflow handles this type of effect easier than Mocha. That said, it’s 2021, you think Mocha would provide a way to insert video into another motion image and track across all layers.

The solution for this in AE is still a bunch of precomps. That’s just the AE workflow. Yes, a node tree here might be easier.

But you’d have best results making your inserted TV screen on the main footage be a precomp, have Mocha use that precomp as an insert on your main footage, and inside that scree precomp, have everything stabilized and precomped within itself over and over and over again.

The pre-comp workflow doesn’t work. Mocha AE tracking won’t apply to the corner pin data of the video I am trying to insert inside the TV screen. I am using AE 2021 and apparently it doesn’t allow for the tracking of scaled down / corner pinned motion video. I also noticed that there is no export tracking data in the Mocha AE plugin, so there is no way to apply tracking data from Mocha. What version of AE works for this shot?

What it sounds like is happening to me is that you are having a mismatched resolution problem, which is the same issue in AE for applying corner pins to smaller inserts since forever, so there won’t be a version where the solution isn’t precomping. However, I have a tutorial that should help you fix this.

See if that method helps you at all.

Hi Mary, I am using the same resolutions for both my layers, so that wasn’t the issue. I think the problem is that I was trying to track motion video. I wasn’t able to use Mocha corner pin data (I’m assuming it works only with still images per the tutorial?) so I used the native AE Corner Pin effect to the pre-comp to align with the Mocha mask which did the trick.


No, it shouldn’t matter what the insert is, be it a still or a movie clip, but I am glad you fixed the issue!


Using AE corner pin in conjunction with Mocha AE is a bit of a pain. It seems that I need Mocha Pro to use native Mocha corner data that will properly scale. Is this correct?

No, Mocha AE should still export a corner pin that is native to After effects. It just won’t export cc power pin.