Tracking someone's face in an interview successfully

Hello There. I would like someone to help me track successfully someone’s area parts of the face while talking in an interview moving their mouth and eyes and head in Mocha Pro 2022 version. I tried the followings settings with some success but not complete success. Especially when it came to the areas round the mouth and the right eye.
Min % Pixels Used 70
Smoth Level 0

Transsition Checked
Scale Checked
Rotation Checked
Shear Checked
Mesh Checked

Large Motion Selected

Search area
Horizantal Auto
Vertical Auto

Generation Mode Uniform
Mesh Size 40
Somthness 50 Warp Spline checked

Thank you for your help in advance

We will need to see the clip to help. If possible please share a download location Or you can pm me or @martinb @rosss to keep it private.

If the head turns more than 45 degrees or there are a lot of shadows, it could be a difficult project. When face tracking, there can be tips to avoid the mouth and the eyemovement. For example you could use the X+ button to add occlusion shapes to avoid the eyes and mouth, then regenerate your mesh and retrack.

This video might be good for you: Mocha Pro 2021: PowerMesh Tips - YouTube

Hope this helps.