Tracking someone's face with burst of smoke in front of Face?



Quick question,

I am struggling to track a shot with Mocha, I and tracking someones face for a simple color correction on the actor’s face. The movement of his face is static, but my source footage has a slight “film gate weave”. Thus needing Mocha to resolve this. The problem is, in the shot there is a burst of smoke that that comes in the shot over half of his face, and I can not get a good track with this smoke element, as I do not want to CC the smoke in any way. Do you know a way around this? Is there any accurate way of tracking vol-metric smoke for a garbage matte?



Track a similarly moving plane to his face, like his chest or shoulder to get past the smoke for only the section where the smoke is. You can stop mocha at any time and move your shape, or change your track settings, and the track won’t wobble. It will just read the new information.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.