Tracking Suggestions

Hey Guys,
So I’m trying to track this shot (, and I’m kinda new to mocha. What I want to pull off is, to have graphics for the diameter and length of the pipe animate on and be tracked to the pipe, so perspective and scale and that stuff matches the scene. I’m having a terrible time trying to figure out, what to track, should I be tracking the pipe (which doesn’t seem to work for me) or something else in the screen, could someone give me some insight on the best way to track this shot. Thanks in advance.

Wow, I don’t know if I’m just that dumb, or what. I can not pull a track on this shot. I did what you said, and started at the end of the clip. I used multiple contours, on the shot. It looks like my contours just are not sticking, and when the camera changes levels it all goes to hell. Any ideas?

I was able to get a decent track on this shot quickly by creating multiple contours in one track layer on the pipe. (see grab#1). I tracked backwards and as more detail comes into the frame I added more contour shapes.

As far as adjusting the surface, I am not sure how your graphic will be positioned. If you are looking to rotate the graphic in 3D so its axis is tracked but the title is oriented towards the camera, this will be tricker and perhaps involve some AE expression.

Anyways, I hope these screen grabs help get you started.


Tough to say what you are missing. My quick test went pretty well.
Are your contours on 1 layer? Sometimes it also helps to stop the track, and edit your shape as new details come onto the screen. As long as all the shapes are on the same relative plane - that is the trick.