Tracking terminated prematurely. X-splines don't help

I’m trying to learn your program and understand how it works. But today I’ve got the error and I can’t understand why it happens. Here is the link on my small test project and video file stavpr.rar — Yandex.Disk
I’ve tried that in Mocha AE, and it seems ok, but I can’t understand, maybe somewhere I’ve made the mistake or something.
At my project, I can’t track backward from 494 frame for layer “problem layer”. I’ve got the same problem when I’ve tried to track forward but adding x-spline to layer resolved this issue. But it doesn’t help with track backward.

Update. I’ve tried track in Mocha from AE… and after some time I got the same error. Here is the link stavpr_AEtry.rar — Yandex.Disk . What am I doing wrong? And how to avoid this error in the future?

For some reason that site will not allow downloads.

Can you post a screen grab of the frame where the error occurs?

Thanks for the reply. That’s strange. I don’t think screenshot will tell you a lot. So I’ve uploaded that files on Google Drive. Here is the link from the 1st post, and here is the 2nd

I opened your Mocha files and can see a couple of things. I think most of the issues are covered specifically in this vid. Play particular attention to layer order and namiing (hint, hint).

But also, I noticed that ALL of your layers have the gear cog icon enabled. You can track multiple items often, but once a spine is tracked you need to turn that icon off, not just the eyeball.

Give those things a try.

Hi, so I took a look at one of your files and I can see there’s a few things happening here. :slight_smile:

First, you need to solve for the lens curve that is happening in your scene with the lens solver, because the screen is curved and you need to account for that. And that’s not in Mocha AE, that’s only in Mocha Pro. You can download a trial on our website for two weeks and I suggest you do that.

Then, you need to stack foreground layers at the top of the layer pile. Shapes for objects closest to the camera need to be at the top of the layer pile and they will automatically hold out from the tracks below.

You need to make sure that you roto outside of the objects you’re holding out, you were leaving them outside your roto shapes so your holdouts were incomplete.

Then you need to track perspective when you need it, and since that camera move makes the screen tilt, you need to use translation, scale, rotation, shear, and perspective.

You can see the file here: Google Drive: Sign-in

I labelled the file with holdout on top and the tracks are below. if you have any questions, let me know and I will be happy to help.


Thank you su much. I’ll try. I thought maybe there is a bug in the programm, but as I understood the only bug - it’s my skill )))