Tracking text with "BCC title studio" using Mocha

I have a pan shot of a parking lot. When the pan gets to the end I want it to reveal a title. Rather then a jpeg or png I want to use BCC title studio or New Blue Titler Pro 4. This way I can go back and change the title while still having it tracked. I was setting up a track with pixel chooser using gaussian blur and then Match move however the title has a back ground with it on top of the track with the back ground.

What would be the workflow and is there a tutorial on this? I have not found one.
you can see a picture here:

OK I solved this by putting the BCC Title Studio effect on V1 and Match Move on V2. Then I picked 1st below.

The pan tracking worked somewhat OK and the tilt down to a title worked but I am having problems with this shot. I want the text to be revealed on the stage as the camera zooms back. I can not get a good track. I want the text to be stuck to the stage. I tried setting the planner on the chairs, triangles of the tent.

Do I put the tracker plane from back to front like the aisle way or on the front chairs plane?

Hi there,

I’d just track the edges of the stage and I think that might get you the data you need. Or maybe simple the grass between chairs.

OK, that was working very well, I have some good tracks now with Mocha planar. However I still have a black box around the title. I was using transfer modes on “lighten” to eliminate the black box but that does not work on all titles.

Support asked me to use an image with an alpha channel however that still has the black box. Is there an way to track with Mocha planar and then apply the tracking data to the title? What BCC effect could I use to apply the tracking data?

Hi Ronald,

Can you email me at with some full frame screenshots? I will loop in the BCC product manager and see if we can’t get to the bottom of this.