Tracking the side of a steering car (gets orthogonal to the camera)

I’m currently trying to track a side of a car which is steering into the shot. Tracking the shot backwards works pretty good until the side of the car gets more and more orthogonal to the camera. Is there any way to track this surface until it’s almost completely gone? (e.g. by linking another plane to the layer wich represents the font of the car or is this a matter of manual tracking?)
Best regards

Hi there,
So you either need to find a better bit to track for the last bits of the track, like moving the spline to the wheel of the car or something else that is closely aligned to the same plane you are trying to track, or you need to use manual track.
You can step through the track until it fails, and then I think you’ll have better luck solving this by aligning the corners of your surface in normal tracking to four really recognizable points on the car, switching to manual track in mocha, and manually “tracking” the last few frames as it disappears. When you switch back to normal track you can move the surface back to where you need it.
Be careful though, when objects rotate this much often times the surface will go behind the “camera” in mocha and cause errors. We are fixing this issue in a later version, but be aware that can happen.
I recommend saving a completely different version of the file to work with for this last bit of tracking, so that you don’t write over your work.