Tracking two masks together

I have a video with a subject who is wearing glasses. In some angles, there’s a harsh ringlight reflection on the left side. I want to essentially mask the rim of the glasses when the ringlight appears and replace it with another video of the subject in the same angle where the reflection isn’t shown.

I’m not fully sure how to do this, so I’ve masked and tracked both eyes (the rim of the glasses) and added the good version underneath the inverted bad version. This is all good except the two layers don’t track with each other and I can’t figure out how to do this because corner pinning the good eye with the bad eye makes it very wonky. Please help!

I think I might need to see the tracks in question.

If you can show screenshots, please do, but if you don’t want to show the work publically you can also DM the project to me to take a look.