Tracking vertical drone shot

Hello, I’m using Mocha in AE (Not sure which Mocha version, but AE version is 18.1.0) and I’m trying to find a way to track a particular shot.

The shot consists of an overhead drone shot (god shot) of a small group of people, and the drone flies up vertically to the sky as it looks down on the group. I have rotoscoped out the individuals in the group and I’m trying to use the rotoscoped files to make it look like there are more people in the shot, but I can’t figure out how to track them and have them stay in one location. Every time they move as the drone flies up, or they will shrink.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining this well.

Are you duplicating the group or adding another group as another element?

I’m duplicating the individuals in the group.

OK, then you should just be able to take your rotoscoped people layer and then simply duplicate it and change the offset of the entire layer and keep doing that until you have a crowd. Maybe adding some color shifts to add variety to those. If your shot has a large amount of lens warp you will have to correct for that before you duplicate and offset your crowd.

Is there a way to upload footage for you to see what is happening?

Sure, you can email maryp at and either dropbox or google drive send them to me.

Hi Mary,

Here is the link to the drone shot. And I have the roto file as well


Thank you!
Jason Pedri

Thanks, also, I will need the Mocha file.

OK, I’ll send shortly.

Jason.mocha (1.22 MB)

Oh my, it looks like there’s some lens warp on this scene that’s pretty significant. That is going to make tracking and repositioning very difficult. And I have no way to solve for the lens because there’s no straight lines. For the future, usually this kind of thing is shot in parts with a rig that can do the same move over and over, with the “crowd” in different locations, and then the parts are composited together. With this, there’s just too much parallax and perspective and lens warp that moving the people to a different location won’t work. I’d try to match the warp, and corner pin stabilized people into place one at a time, and even then, that is going to be work intensive and might not look right.

HI Mary,

Thank you for the feedback. I didn’t take that into account when shooting the scene with the drone. I appreciate all your help.

Thank you,
Jason Pedri