Tracking with BCC Type On Text?

Does Mocha Pro require BCC Type On Text FX to be on different video track?

Tracking using a Video 2 (New Transparent Video) track with BCC Type On Text works, all good.

Tracking using Video 1 (source footage) track with BCC Type On Text doesn’t work … no tracking is applied to the BCC Type On Text FX as part of Video 1 … am I missing something simple or this how it works?

Cheers, Rob.

Hi Rob, is your solution handled here in your other forum post or is this a different issue? Opacity ignored when Tracking with BCC Type On Text

Hi Mary,

Different “issue” and I use the word “issue” loosely as it may just be a conceptual issue my side.

I’ll clarify my scenario:

  1. Video 1 source footage
  2. Add BCC Type on Text FX to Video 1 source footage
  3. Add Mocha Pro to Video 1 source footage
  4. Bring up Mocho Pro and setup tracking and save
  5. Now what? I want #2 above to be tracked

Can this be accomplished all on a single Video 1 track or do I need to setup add a new Transparent Video track (Video 2) and put BCC Type On Text FX on Video 2?

Cheers, Rob.

What host are you in, Rob?

And have you checked our documentation? Boris FX | BCC Type On Text

Adobe Pr on Windows 10.

No worries, using a Transparent Track with BCC Type on Text is working fine with Mocha Pro.

If only my PC (7900X 128GB, 3X M.2 2TB, Titan XP) were faster, ugh, these renders are SLOW. Any tips on speeding things up? Using Proxies doesn’t make any difference with Mocha Pro.

Cheers, Rob.

I will run some tests after the livestream today and see. I think in general that if you want faster renders, AE is better than Premiere for that, unfortunately. We have been seeing slower renders in Premiere for a while and are working for a solution.

I know many performance recommendations from various “experts” suggest more RAM … which so far seems to be a wasted and false recommendation. I went from 32GB RAM to 128GB RAM and it made absolutely NO difference in Adobe’s performance no matter how complex/large the project in 4K res and as you can see I’m only using 19GB RAM even one of my much more complex projects. So I added very fast M.2 Samsung Pro drives and that made NO difference. .

I did some tests, definitely renders are running faster in AE than Premiere, but whether or not this is on us or on Premiere is in question. I feel this is because of different rendering engines between the hosts. However, I will talk to @martinb about it.

Thanks Mary, any tips to improve performance are welcome.

I’ll be replacing this PC (7900X - Titan XP) with an AMD 5950X and nVidia 3090 when I can find the components and purchase them at “retail” prices rather than “scalper” prices.

Cheers, Rob.

AMD, depending on the OS, is not as likely to be as widely supported. So switch with caution.