"Trail" effects not consistent throughout playback

When using effects like S_Trails, it is not consistent throughout the whole video, with flickering frames. I really like this effect for trippy visuals but I can never wrangle it still. I am using 2023.56 of Sapphire with 23.6 of Premiere Pro. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi, just sharing my quick test -
Using Vegas Pro when I add Trails to an MP4 with constant fps it’s jittery & inconsistent,
But when I converted the clip to ProRes it played the trails consistently.
Like i say just sharing, I don’t have PP anymore to test on.

I have not tried it like that but I will update if that somehow works.

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Note that S_Trails, S_Feedback, etc. all rely on the output of the previous frame, so only work correctly when you play back from the start.


  1. Jump to start frame
  2. Clear cache
  3. Start playback/render


I went to the start of the clip, delete render files, pushed enter, then played it back, and still doesn’t work

I’ve tried it on several clips, some work better than others & some don’t seem to make any or very little effect whether they’re slowed down or speeded up, I always blame Vegas for that or myself :man_shrugging:

This one of a car driving works very well

But adding Mocha to limit the effect turns it off completely, Bypass Mocha turns it back on, maybe I’m using it wrong. :man_shrugging: