Transform Bezier Layer Problem


Here is my problem, when i want to transform a bezier layer (scale, rotate,etc…) all the bezier points are getting crazy…
Look at my picutres.
Is there a way to “constrain” the layer to keep its original bezier lines ?




Click on the mesh show/hide button and send another screenshot of the 2 pictures… It helps to analyze better where the points are going…

So sorry for my late answer…
I wanted to send what you wanted, but what do you mean by “the mesh show/hide button” ?
I can’t find it…
Do you mean the “show spline tangents” button ?

Try using x-splines, they work better with our skewing tracking data when perspective shifts are introduced.

Hi Mary,
Indeed, x-splines have not this problem when scaling or rotating.
But in the case i need to draw a very precise mask ? And it’s not possible with x-plines…

It should be possible to make detailed masks with X-Splines but you add more points to some sections. I believe this is a bug with beziers, and need to explore it with our QC and Dev teams, and want you to have a workaround right now.

Ok. Thank you for your feedback Mary !