Transform / Corner Pin Data not Transferring

Hi all!

I seem to be having an issue with Mocha exporting Corner Pin/Transform data to a layer. When the data “transfers”, the layer that I’ve exported the data to just becomes randomly skewed and contains no data with keyframes on it. This just started today, though earlier it was working just fine.

AE 18.2 – Version 7.5.0 build 1284.g70f8ee7e3fe2
CPU: Intel i9 10900K
GFX: GTX 1080
64G DDR4

The footage is DnX codec wrapped in an MXF.

The clip that I’ve now found this issue on is the exact same file as the other comps that I was tracking successfully earlier today.

I can confirm that the track looks great in Mocha, the corner pin stays on point to my Computer screen that I am replacing, and the surface plainer looks just fine when I turn that on.

After saving, I create track data from my layer (the gear to the left of the layer is visible) and the data appears to populate the plugin (I see all the numbers change that is). I set my export option to corner pin (though it doesn’t matter what this is set to) and choose my layer, which is a pre-comp of the replacement screen. When I hit apply export, the layer I selected goes skewed and nothing else shows up, no keyframes on the transform section of my layer or within the corner pin effect. This is the same no matter what layer I choose to transfer to: null, duplicated base layer, pre-comp, solid, etc.

I’ve cleared the cache on AE and Mocha and restarted my computer.

Any help would be appreciated!

What size is the layer you are pasting onto? Is it the same size as the original footage Mocha is on?

Verified same size. 1920x1080.

I just tried on new compostition (within the same project) and it is working fine. What’s odd is that the different comps are pulling footage from the same source file.

Do you have any other effects on the target layer? And did you precomp it with moving all attributes into the new composition?

No other effects and everything is fully pre-comped. I’ve used this exact same pre-comp on 3 other shots today with no issue.

I’ll try and build the comp from scratch again and see if I can produce the same issue. It might just be an AE thing.

I found the problem! It was my fault…

There was a speed ramp applied to the clip that was dynamically linked through premiere.
After pre-composing the clip once more, everything applied just fine.

Glad you are all sorted out!