Transform Keyframes effecting Composite downstream

I have a BG (background) clip that goes into a transform node which has keyframes on the Position (x,y). I then have an FG (foreground) clip and BG clip going into a Composite node. I have the FG/BG Comp node the going into the background input of a second Comp node and then I have a 2.39:1 black border mask .png file going into the foreground input of that second Comp node. I noticed that the transform keyframes of the BG layer seem to be cutting off the edges of both the the FG and even the 2.39:1 mask, which is downstream. Can anyone explain why the BG layer is effecting/cutting off the other layers it’s comp’d? Is there some setting I need to fix?


The transform on the background is changing the DOD. To solve this, place a Transform > DOD node after the Transform on the background and set it to the Session boundaries in the Viewer window so that it does not clip the downstream elements.

Thank you for the info!!! I’ll try this out and let you know how it goes.

This issue is resolved in the upcoming 2020.5.6 point release to be available soon.