Transition to More than One Video Track

Continuum 2020 - OFX, Vegas Pro 17.0

I have several events that occur one after the other in the video track 2, between each of which I’d like to apply a variety of BCC transitions. Each of these events has a corresponding event in track 1, which consists of a media generator event with a Title Studio fx. Each TS fx simply applies several text elements that lay over the event below. (The main event is a still photo of a group of people, and I use TS to provide the names of the individuals…)

The problem I’m having is that the transition, of course, applies only to track 2, so my text in the title does not coordinate with the transition. Is there a way for me to have the transition apply to both tracks, so that my title follows the same transition? If not, how would you recommend doing this?

I may not have been clear. I’m applying a variety of transition types, but only one transition between each pair of events.

I happen to have Vegas Pro 17 as well, and I recognize your problem very well. Sometimes it works when you apply the transition to each of the tracks, I think it depends on the kind of stuff that’s in your event. But often the only good solution I know is to render each stack of events (with the contribution of all tracks) using one of the lossless codecs to a new single-track event and then apply the transition.

Good afternoon. In general, if I understand your setup, I concur with the previous advice, that pre-rendering your events may be helpful. Another option may be to add a transition between the Title Studio events.

That said, if you would like, you can send me a sample of your project timeline, (or a screen grab) so I can see your setup and see if there’s a different solution that may work for you.



Thanks to both of you - that suggestion should work satisfactorily. The reason I hadn’t thought of it was that I’m still adjusting the length of each event and their transitions to fit narration and background music that they lay over, so I didn’t want to pre-render them each time I made an adjustment. Then I realized that I could live with the inaccurate time of the names in the TS event transitions while I get the timing right, them render each event pair afterwards, and add the transitions. Problem solved.