Translate Sapphire Effects from Avid to Resolve

Hi guys,

i am trying to move quite a few effects from an avid offline edit to resolve for grading and finishing.
The editor used a lot of sapphire effects like s_glow, s_Lensflare and s_shake.
As the effects are not coming along with the AAF I used the save preset /load preset workflow and this kinda works. some values need some tweaking but that’s alright.

But I have some trouble getting the S_Shake over to resolve properly.
The values come along fine but the actual direction in which the shake works is never quite the same.
As there is no “seed” option in avid, I am curious if someone knows the “Avid seed value” that I might need to put in resolve manually.

And finishing in avid is not really an option in this case.


Hi Thomas,

In general, third party plugins don’t support AAF transfer, although we are working on adding this functionality in the future. Continuum transitions actually work right now from Avid to Resolve, but that’s it. Your best bet is the preset workflow. I’ll look into s_shake and run some tests…