Trial Request Failed, I need help ASAP


i have a strict scheduled deadline to stabilize and remove unwanted objects in mocha vr and i need to get them done ASAP, my job is on the line right now and i cannot work unless my mocha pro trial is deactivated, already submitted a report to boris fx and i need this fixed now please
i already tried uninstalling and cleaning the pc with the mocha cleaner s well as ccleaner but everything failed and i’m still getting the “trial request failed error, a previous trial was requested on this machine”, i need help ASAP please


Hi! You might want to try calling into support to expedite the process - 1 888 77 BORIS



Please send an email as quick as you can to, and write it to Attention Jon. What is needed is for us to perform a temporary licensing/Activation for your mocha VR, but I cannot relay you a Serial right here.

Thank you.


called, no answer
just an answer machine



I don’t see anything in the case listing - do you have a Case number that was relayed to you when your email to support went through? If so let me know and I’ll grab it immediately.

Thank you.


Case Number 00134432


Thanks. You should have an email with a full rundown from me by now. Note that the process itself should take only a few minutes in total.


thanks, it finally works, thank you so much