Tricky cleanup mochapro help

Hello everybody,

have an extremley tricky shot where a small part of back of the head needs to be cleaned up,
bald mask worn by the acttress extends beyond the neck line ,

the mask has to be smoothened out to just the bald cap with the extending bald cap to be chopped out,
shot has fast camera moves , camera zoom and perspective change are all in one go ,

so how would you guys approach this
any pointers woud be helpful,
tried the remove module, insert module content awaare fill , nothing seems to give a good output ,

may be i am approaching this the wrong way ,
any help would be aprittiated


Hi there,

I think you’re already in contact with our support team so I will give you a call.


Hi Jay,

Let me break down this workflow for you.

There’s a few things you can try. For the neck issue with the mask, you might try isolating and patching from a section of background behind the talent and then rotoscoping back over the top to get rid of that issue. You might be able to take a large section of the BG and feather it out behind her. And correctly roto everything in back on top.

Barring that, you will have to do a stabilized paint series of precomps.

Degrain your footage.

So first thing you would to is track the problem area with everything including perspective and use adjust track if you have any slipping. Then use the stabilization module with “all motion” and “maximum smoothing” to lock it down completely. Use a CC Power Pin corner pin exported from Mocha to lock it down and make sure it is inverted to stabilize the frame completely. Copy the corner pin effect or the Mocha Pro effect so you can rewarp the patch later on.

Precomp this stabilized clip and move all attributes into the new composition. Paint on top of this with your AE Paint tools, you may need to use some roto to make it work perfectly in this comp. When you are satisfied, precomp THIS painted precomp and move all attributes into the new composition.

Now apply your corner pin back on top or use the Mocha Pro effect to apply the corner pin back on top and rewarp the footage. You may need to use a track matte with feathering to make it blend nicely.

Regrain your footage to hide any minor problems.

Hopefully this works!

Have a great day,


This is also way easier to do in Silhouette. You can find a video on Silhouette here, this is for Silhouette Paint, but the technique is similar for the full Silhouette Plugin: Boris FX | How to Remove a Tattoo with Silhouette Paint