Triple-click to add emitter

Anybody on Windows need to triple-click to add a library emitter or scene to the stage? This seems to be an issue on some systems, and I may have found a workaround.

In the Windows Control Panel - Mouse Properties, set the double-click speed slider to the slowest setting.

Does that fix the issue for you in PI?


Yep that helps, i had it set mid range, but i have folders set to single click so never really need double click, it has been doing my head in but never really looked into sorting it out :wink:

Right click the Start button bottom left of the desktop - Settings - Devices - Mouse - Additional mouse options (in blue on the right)
Or click the Start button, Settings above the Power button - Devices - Mouse - Additional mouse options (in blue on the right)
Or right click the Start button - Search - type in ‘Control Panel’

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Thank You Alan and GID - – that problem had been vexing me for some time and it was annoying and had no idea that was what the problem was…great job! Roman.

ya, i have to do multiple clicks as well, Thanks @Alan_Lorence

@Gid.Joiner Thanks for the tip

why is there no drag & drop in PI and only 2xclick?

There’s also single-click in stage to add the selected emitter – there’s a preference to turn that on/off.

Drag & drop has been on the list for a while, but bigger features keep taking priority. We’ll eventually get it in there I hope.