Trojan infection

Hi to you all,
I’m completely new with Particle Illusion. I downloaded the Particle_Illusion_2020.5_Standalone.exe file to install on PC running on Windows10. However while installing Particle Illusion my Bitdefender anti-virus software reported a Trojan infection GenericKD43418171 and stopped the installation. Now I do not know how to proceed.
Can anyone help me out with this.
Thanks in advance

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Have premium Bitdefender AV running on my Macbook, and had no conflicts during install. Where did you dl the file from?

Verify your download location, just dl it directly from Boris fx, not an other mirror or host.
There is an option to disable bitdefender active protection, click on the B icon ( at least on a Mac) in the right taskbar, of start the main control from applications. Rest is obvious.

But again, please make sure you don’t have a bootleg. These f*cking scammers use free software as Trojan horse allot, offering fast dl ect.

I also use Bitdefender, but have Continuum 2020.5 which includes PI plugin and standalone. I just updated 2020.5 and there were no alerts.

Thanks for your answers. I will first check it out with Bitdefender

Agreed that you should make sure you download the installer from!

I did so. I downloaded the file a number of times from but they all gave the same message

Is your Bitdefender fully up to date?

Yes, I keep bitdefender updated all the time

I’ve had Bitdefender give me false positives in the past. I would download the file (disabling Bitdefender first) and then after it’s downloaded, run Malwarebytes on it and Bitdefender again.

The program was Filmstro. I was downloading the updated version and Bitdefender continued to not let me download it.

With Filmstro installed, I ran Bitdefender again. No viruses.