Trouble cleaning mask/warp

Hi! I’m extremely new to BORIS and Mocha - but I’m getting through the basics - sadly, doing so at the tail end of a three-month project that was due yesterday, so pretty stressed at the moment! The goal for me right now is to replace an incorrect photograph in a clip with an updated photo (the original had a guy without a hat on; the new one has him in the hat). So, I watched the tutorials, and have gotten great support from Neal - and I’ve got the new photo in place and it’s tracking - but the problem is the track slips - so half way through the motion you can see the edges of the original photo. I want to go in - I’m guessing frame by frame? - and adjust the frames/warp so it looks seemless. Can’t seem to figure out how!

Well, hopefully we can help you get out from under this deadline. Have you tried using Adjust Track? Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2021: Improved AdjustTrack Module

This is for the latest version of Mocha Pro, are you on Mocha Pro 2021?

Thanks so much for responding. I’m really struggling here with this now. I simply want to clean up the mask. Is there some ‘switch’ I have to click? I have now watched, I believe, every video available on your site (been struggkling with this since yesterday) - and I see nothing that address this, and it seems like such an obvious and basic task - fixing a mask that isn’t sticking to the object? What am I not understanding? Thanks for any response. Also, I was under the impression I would get a ping of some sort when someone responded. I’m not getting anything and I’ve not left my desk. Just wondering if there’s some notification I have to turn on?

You sound like you have to adjust your track if the edges are floating, but I might have misread that. If the new photo looks nice and glued in and only the edge is floating, then yeah, definitely just adjust the mask.

To adjust the mask you simply animate the mask. That’s it. Take the points in Mocha and adjust them as you go (autokey is on by default, but if you can’t move the mask make sure Autokey is on, it’s the A icon on the timeline next to the U and to the right of the play controls) and they will animate along with the track, nice and easy. Then just save and close Mocha and reapply the mask.

For notifications, change your setting in your profile under your user name /preferences/notifications and you can change what you get pinged about.

Thank you for your response. This is whats been so frustrating! The mask is floating and no matter what I do I can grab a point and move it - for example, it starts out OK (although it’s not letting me add points so that I can get a true frame around the image); but no matter what I do - after I advance a frame and try and move the points, nothing is working.

You can add points with the Add points to spline tool near the picker tool. Make sure Autokey is on and you should be able to animate the points. Can you show me what the whole Mocha interface looks like so I can tell you what’s going wrong?

Thank you. I will try that within the hour and report back!

Mary - I’m back at my computer and about to try what you’ve suggested. I’m wondering, as I am nearing the end of this project, with this being the major issue now, I have some footage at the end of the film that wasn’t shot well. It’s really dull and faded out. Is there something in Continuim that you are aware of that really does wonders bringing color back into dull video?

We have a whole section of Continuum called Color and Tone that will probably do exactly what you need. Here’s an example of the color and tone suite and you can see if any of those will punch up your look the way you like (visual examples are always helpful, so this had before and after).

Thanks Mary. Sadly, I am still not having success with the original problem which is holding up everything (and causing so many problems on so many levels!) - I was able to get Neal for a bit this morning who was great as usual; but now I am no longer able to click a point on the frame that holds the image that is to go over the background so I can’t clean up the messy frame and now the image is going in all sorts of weird directions!

Was Neal not able to fix your issue?

He did great - as usual - and as I indicated, he explained to me a lot of the issue was a corruption in the file/system/whatever. Now the mask holding the picture inside the mesh and the frame is a MESS! Is there any chance we can connect the way he and I have through teamviewer
? I’m sure this is a quick fix if you saw what i was doing

I sent you an email with availability. :slight_smile: I am in meetings all afternoon but can try to touch base after.