Trouble Re-Orienting 3d track

Hi, I’m using Multiple planar tracks to get a Camera Solve in Mocha Pro 2019.5.

I’ve had some success with a 95% camera solve, but I’m not sure how to re-orient the camera to a normal coordinate world. So I can’t get any 3d planes nor 3d cubes to match outside of Mocha - as they would need to be rotated in on all XYZ axis to match the solve that came out of the camera.

Is there a button or method I am missing?
Mocha Pro: 3D Camera Solver - YouTube - in this video there are special buttons inside of C4d to import, but I have no functionality like that in 3ds max.

All I want to do is track the camera motion on this motion controlled timelapse and then make 3 simple 3d cubes stacked on top of each other in the space of the building.

I’ve rigged it up mostly with nulls and point tracked all the corners to create the shapes I need, then connected the nulls together - it is messy but almost works.

Can Mocha help do it better? Ty for any help. :slight_smile:

The main issue in the past with 3ds max is the FBX export is oriented to Z in depth, whereas 3ds max is Z-up, so you need to rotate your scene 90 degrees.

Now i’ll admit i’ve not looked at 3ds Max for some time, so there may be a workaround here i’m unfamiliar with. Does the FBX importer in 3ds max allow you to reorient to Z-up?

Thanks for the response!

Yes I can flip the z/y up issue. But that wasn’t the problem. I just needed a way to average and orient a group of nulls and define as the groundplane, and then repeat that for the two facing sides of the building.

The real problem turned out that tracking programs can’t quite pull a good 3d camera from the footage - mostly because it is a tripod shot + the lack of movement of the camera relative to the size of the building.

Syntheyes didn’t do much better than the Mocha. They both introduced too much noise from the lens flare that I couldn’t crush out with contrast or anything. In the end a cleaned up AE 3d camera tracker is what I am using in conjunction with point tracking.

Thanks for looking at my question! :slight_smile:

If it’s a tripod shot, I assume you solved for PTZ instead of parallax?

I’d be curious to see how much the flare destroyed the track! Can we see the final result?

Oh me gerd - thank you Martin.

I am just too ignorant with Mocha at the moment. I did not know you could so easily extract a 3d camera with just one tracked plane. It immediately gave a 94% track and has no wobble.

All my web searchings were recommending using the parallax or auto and 2 co-planar surfaces. And that is where I was getting the distortion due to tracking a face of the building that has the sun beam go across it.

This works great - and has been ingrained into my memory for the rest of time.

I still don’t have the real 3d tools I thought were in the software, but I can quickly enough get what I need for this project. Probably other simple stuff I am missing - so I will go scour the Vimeo page. Thanks again!

Yes, to be clear, a locked tripod shot that is just Pan, Tilt Zoom can solve for the camera plane as there is usually no (or minimal) parallax.
You can also use a PTZ solve on a shot that is not moving at all then export the 3d data for a tracked moving object in the scene.