Trouble Solving 3D Camera

Hi everyone. I turned to Mocha Pro in desperation to track what so far, seems to be an untrackable shot. I thought that Mocha Pro’s planar tracking would make this shot easy work, but I’ve been proven wrong time and time again. I need a camera solve for the end of the video where the camera shakes, because the CGI creature breaches the water. Every 3D camera solve attempt I make is unsuccessful. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Are you just tracking the part where it shakes and you leave the frame, or when the camera pans down as well?

Okay, that should be reasonably straightforward, but I might need to test the actual shot. Can you send me the actual footage to try?


Okay. You can track the background trees instead to get a decent track on these.

Try a PTZ solve with one layer to start with.

I’m only tracking the part where the camera shakes and the boy and girl run away.

Actually, I found a solution. The problem has been that the tracker can’t track the water surface accurately because of the reflections. I just lined everything up manually and I’m going to use 2D planar tracking to keep my CG lined up since it’s a fairly static integration. Feel free to download the clip here though.