Trouble With Panar Tracking

hey i have recently been working on a shot where i have to replace this information screen with another video. I feel like i have tried everything and i cant get a decent track. i even thought of creating a cg screen but i cant get a camera solve.

It looks like a tricky one. Remember that all the reflections will throw off the tracker. What I would do is use a bunch of small X+ shapes to focus on the edges of the frame. You can animate these on/off Or make an occlusion layer for the person on top. You might even need to turn off perspective and only track transform for the few frames where the person occludes almost everything.

I would start with something like this image using X+ button.

If you want to share the clip, I can take a look.

There is also a noticeable lens warp in this shot and you will need to solve for the lens using the Lens module in Mocha Pro to get a rock solid track on this.

Hello and thanks for the tips Ross and Mary. I have tried to go ahead with the help that you have given me and i still have an issue with getting a decent track.

You may have to simply manually track the difficult section in order to get a good track. Try watching this video and seeing if it helps you: Boris FX | Mocha Tips: How to Track Occluded Objects

Let me know!