Trouble with Remove Module

I’ve been trying to learn the Remove Module, and I’ve been having a bit of an issue that keeps popping up, no matter what videos I try to remove something from.
When I render out the remove, I’m getting weird lighting tears in the center of the object I’m trying to remove. In this example, I thought I chose a simple enough shot for Mocha to have an easy time with, but I still seem to be having this issue. Heres a screen cap I took to show the tearing, you can see it when I scrub through the timeline in Mocha.

Any ideas whats causing this and how I can avoid it?


Hi there, it looks like a tracking issue OR it could be that you need to have a shape for the back wall and the front of the building, but it’s more likely that the BG track isn’t rock solid. Try a larger tracking area and make sure to look out for shadows.

Thanks Mary!
I’ll try tracking the front of the building and the back wall separately.

I ended up tracking a whole bunch of different elements that I thought may be also causing the tearing, and it worked!

No problem, sounds like subtle parallax was giving inconsistent results. :slight_smile: