Trouble with remove tool

hey there!

i’ve been struggling for a few days now to remove a motorcycle of a handheld shot. I’m tracking the street, attach a background mask and hit remove.

But every time i get strange frames in between (only partly removed, black dots, …) i was trying all values … like frames to search before/after …Illumination models … but I keep getting weird frames in between the remove. Has anyone any idea how to approach such remove? (Different tracks on the background planes?)

I appreciate any ideas!

btw. I’m using mocha Pro Evaluation!

You’ll find screenshots here:


thanks !!!




One of your issues is the back ground is “multi-planes”. You should get more success by first tracking the ground and background separately. Additionally, depending on the camera movement, you should even need separate tracks for the car planes in the background.

The key to getting a good remove is first having solid tracking for every plane the foreground object crosses.

thanks! that’s what i was trying to avoid … but if thats the key, i will try.

How can i then tell the separate tracked planes to take part in the remove process?

Is there any documentation on this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there! We have documentation on the remove here:

And video tutorials as well:

But really, the determining factor is layer order. Just put your remove layer above your background layers, and put your background layers in order from closest to the camera (closer to the top of the layer pile) and furthest from the camera (towards the bottom of the layer pile.) That’s all you need to do, mocha will do the rest.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.