Trouble with Remove using CleanPlate Tiffs


I have a very large shot, where I am trying to remove an object from. I created CleanPlates from the Remove ‘Input’ tab. The shot is 923 frames long, so starting at frame 0 and then every 100 frames I hit the ‘Create’ button to make a Plate Tiff. I then dragged all of the Tiffs into Photoshop, made my adjustments, and then hit ‘Save’ to overwrite the Tiff that was exported from Mocha.

I then Import in all of the Clean Plates, which then show up in Mocha, and as I click each one, or go to the corresponding frame, I see the adjustments I made. So I select the object I want to remove, and start rendering. Then I keep getting the <span style=“color: rgb(31, 31, 31); font-family: ‘Source Sans Pro’, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; font-weight: 600;”>Original and fill image formats don’t match </span>error message. Sometimes as I try to render Mocha will crash on me.

I’m using a new Mac Pro - 64 gb Ram, 2.7 GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor, and an AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB. My texture ram was defaulted to 256, but since I have so much memory on my GPU i tried to up it to 4000. That didn’t seem to speed anything up and so now I’ve reverted it to 756.

The other issue, I have. Since i keep getting the ‘Original and Fill Image’ error, I’ve tried to ignore using the Clean Plates. But when I try to render, even though I’ve unchecked ‘Use CP Exclusively’ and changed my CP Clip to ‘None’, the CP Clip will automatically select the Clean Plates that I had originally tried to use. Thus continuing to error out.

Can I remove the CP’s that I’ve imported from the list? Any idea what the ‘Original and Fill Image formats don’t match’ error is coming from?

This is a bug between photoshop and mocha, changing the image settings. The workaround is painting on the same layer in photoshop instead of a new layer and flattening it. We are working on a solution for this bug.

You can also try going to the clip tab, completely deleting the cleanplates, and re-importing your plates and see if that fixes your issue.


Thank You Mary for responding.

I wasn’t aware of being able to delete the clips from the ‘Clip’ tab, so thank you for pointing that out. However I feel like I’ve tried every instance of saving out the TIFs from photoshop in any way that I can to get Mocha to recognize them. Still no Luck.

Just to clarify, my process was to Create the Clean Plate TIF from Mocha. Open that TIFF in Photoshop. Use the CloneStamp and paint right on top of the layer, then save that file. I would then delete the CleanPlate clip from Mocha, import in the new painted CleanPlate TIFF (which shows up properly when I view it in Mocha) then select my layer to Remove, hit Render, and then I get the error.

Am I doing something wrong, or will I just have to wait for the update. Would Painting the image in AfterEffects help?

Thank you again for the help.

Hi Zach,

Can you send me your shot and I will try to troubleshoot it? Usually the problem comes from “flattening” the image, or al least that’s how I have been able to reproduce the bug.


For anyone with a similar issue,

the workaround I found was to make and render a clean plate out of AfterEffects. This worked and allowed me to use those TIFs as clean plates.

Thank you for updating that, that does indeed seem to work for now. In the meantime, I will work with the Devs and see if we can fix this.

I’ve tried both of these workarounds, and I’m still unable to get the Remove feature to work. Neither tiffs created in Photoshop or After Effects are producing results. When I click the quick render button, it processes for a moment, then stops and nothing happens. No errors or other indications. Previously I was getting the same errors as mentioned above. What am I doing wrong?

Are you getting an error code at all? Can you screenshot your setup and show me?


Hi, I’m on the road today but I will post some screenshots and send on Friday. What specifically should I screenshot?

The entire screen and your layer structure, along with your remove settings and any error codes you are getting. You can just email them to me at if you like.