Trouble with tracking

Ok, so I’m trying to help my 3D tracker by adding some additional tracking points in AE and then tracking that footage.

This is the footage.
The first shot tracks great in Syntheyes but the second shot at around 25 seconds I’m having a hard time tracking in Mocha Pro.

I’m wanting to add some ‘post’ tracking points to the end of the ‘cribs’ so Syntheyes can get a good 3D track.

I tried tracking the end of the crib, then exporting and pasting the info to a Null object in AE, but the null object doesn’t move with the end of the crib, it ‘slides’ and isn’t locked.

Any suggestions?



This looks like it should be possible, but i’d need the shot in question to test. Are you able to send it to me to take a look?