Troubles with Green Screen and Chroma key Studio

I am working on a particular video in Adobe Premiere and it was shot off a Digital Green Screen Wall. In using the Chroma Key Studio and selected the greenscn.bsp it removes the Green Screen Wall without a issue.

The problem though is that the Character is also faded and I cannot seem to get him to be a solid color of him while playing around with the settings.

How do i get this to work for me.

Here are two images so that you can see what I mean.

Your help would be appreciated

Hi There,

The problem that you’re seeing (print through) is something that can be easily be remedied by using the included parameters in the Chroma Key Studio filter to finesse the key result. Enable the View Current Mate option to see the actual matte that you’ve generated and then use the density, balance and lightness sliders to produce a clean matte. Then disable the view matte option of course to see the final result.

Or, use Primatte Studio, which is a much better keying tool than the Chroma Key Studio filter.


Hi Peter, thank you for the information. I currently have the Boris FX Suite. Is Primatte Studio part of this subscription as i cannot seem to find it?

Peter, I found Primatte after a deep search on my computer.
You are absolutely right in that it works much better and offers more functionality to achieve the best results.

I spent some time learning it through YouTube and this is the result. Absolutely amazing.

I do have a few additional questions though?

  1. Given there is Primatte, when would I choose to use Chroma Key.

  2. When I click on Auto Analyze on Primatte, it almost works on all video tracks, below the main one, even though I applied it to one track on Premiere? Why does this happen?

Fantastic - glad you discovered the wonders of keying with Primatte. It’s a beautiful keying tool. If you have Primatte Studio then (IMO) there’s no real reason to use the older single color keyers. The older keying tools are still quite useful but they don’t compare to Primatte for most keys. If the screen is exactly the right color and is perfectly lit then the single color keyers will produce a really good result but Primatte will produce a great result with pretty much any shot.

Primatte will only operate on the clip to which it was applied - during the auto-analyze process it will totally ignore clips below.

My recommended workflow for using Primatte is :

(1) auto-analyze the shot
(2) switch to mate status view
(3) clean background, then foreground
(4) address any spill from the BG
(5) use the integrated Mocha option for any needed garbage masks
(5) use the integrated color correction tools to make the FG to sit well with the BG
(6) use the light wrap spill and edge options to blend the BG over the edges and despilled regions for a more natural result


Thank you Peter.