Trying mokey tutorial :P

i am trying out mokey, ands am trying the tutorial with the picture frame and reflections in the glass.
i am already stuck :stuck_out_tongue:
the tutorial appears to be written for an older version of mokey, based on my observations.
if i understand correctly, you don’t actually begin anything until step 3 …because steps 1 and 2 appear to describe what you do in step 3?

but anyway, in step 3 you have to add a contour tool.
by default, this tool [once i eventually found where it is] is not active :stuck_out_tongue:

so, how do i get the contour tool active? nothing in steps 1-2-3 mentions anything about how to get the contour tool to be active in order to add the tool, in order to get going… just “add a contour tool.”

the other thing i might as well add is what is the point of this tutorial? are we only going to track the picture frame, or, as i am hoping, do we learn how to remove reflections? it doesn’t explain anything of what is precisely going to happen…

thanks for any help,