Trying Powermesh to change logos on in game basketball footage

I’ve been using planar tracking for most shots but some have more detail and I’m hoping to get powermesh to work. The logos are small (sponsor badges) and the players are turning and moving a lot. I just purchased the Mocha Pro AE plugin today (so using the latest version) on AE 2021. I can send files but can’t post publicly. I’ve tried several shots, none have worked yet. I’ve had varying levels of success with the mesh track. But even when the mesh seems to be good, I get nothing when applying mocha to the ‘replacement’ logo.

Can you describe your process so we can make sure it’s working as expected?
Are the layers edited in any way or do they have non-zero starting frames?

I have 56 clips in one video. I cut the clip to the exact frames, put in a timeline and did a precomp of it. Applied Mocha Pro, drew an area around the badge I’m replacing (I’ve tried several different styles: loose around area, tight, etc.) and then hit ‘perspective and mesh’. I tried automatic and uniform. (better luck with uniform) and used 32 on mesh size. (dropped all the way to 8 at one point but 32 seemed to work on my last try). Go to Stabilize tab, I set the frame to be the last frame of video for the best track so far (last frame has clearest version of the badge) then added that to the frame list. Hit Mesh Warp, unwarp and high. Back in AE, I brought in the replacement badge still image, made it the length of the comp, precomped it, moving all into new comp. I positioned the New badge to be in correct positioning over old badge then copied Mocha from the video and pasted onto the badge. Then under module renders clicked ‘render’ and changed module to ‘stabilize warp’. At this point, nothing is happening to the new layer.

In AE, track on precomposed footage where all the attributes are inside the precomp and the footage is trimmed in the precomp, this is an important step. Make sure any clip you paste onto is precomped the same way.

Alternatively, for any other host make sure your clip is nested in editing software, or simply trimmed to the actual footage length as a rendered clip.

Varying start frames, especially on shots sent to AE from Premiere, can really mess up alignment.

Also, make sure you’re on the most recently updated version of Mocha Pro, there was a problem in AE where copying and pasting blew away keyframes in older versions. Can you check that too?

I went to check for updates in Mocha and it said none available.
I’m on
Version 8.0.3 build 19.gad747e6f19f1
Build Date Mar 15 2021

yep, I did this. Saw that people seemed to have that issue so I created all new comps with clips at the correct length then precomped

OK, email me one or two shots in an AE file to maryp at and I will take a look?

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is there a plan to fix clips sent from premier to not mess up mocha? I don’t think it’s good to allow alignment issues like this.

We are trying to see what we can do with Adobe on this issue, but it’s more an issue of how that precomp is set up from Premiere. Really the clip needs to be precomped and trimmed to the precomp to work correctly, and this is true not just of our plugins, but other plugins that are timeline sensitive.

We are working on a solution in the software, but for now, the workaround that works 100% of the time is precomping the clip and making sure you have “moved all attributes into the new composition” and “trimmed” the clip. You should see a new timeline in AE once that is done with fully contained footage.