Trying to achieve a similar color changing halo effect that spreads across the screen

Hey everybody,

I’m new to this forum and beginning to learn sapphire. I’m trying to achieve a similar effect that was done here:

The link should jump to the spot I’m referring to but if not its at 1:02 where the camera zooms into Jen’s face and a green circle begins expanding around her head to the edges of the screen as it turns dark red and black. It seems to expand with a slight ripple and also creates a prism/phasing on the background as it gets bigger.

I’ve searched all the tutorials I can find online and couldn’t find anything that would point me in the right direction. I’ve been going at it through trial and error for a couple days now and would greatly appreciate some help!

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It’s a bit similar to the techniques in this series I think?


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Hi, I thought I’d have a go at this.
To me it looks like Ghosts/Trails, with a masked background colour spot increasing in size.
I used S_TVDamage ghosting to create the trails/ghosts, twice using the shift option in Ghosting Details to put a ghost L & R. & a Mocha mask to restrict the ghosting to outside Jens face,
I tried to stick with Sapphire for all this but Sapphire + Vegas Pro isn’t a good combo on my machine, Vega struggles a bit, so i ended up using BCC_Color Spot + the mask I’d already created in TVDamage to keep the colour off Jen. (I didn’t spend a lot of time on the mask :smirk:)
Just thought I’d share :+1:

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Thanks for the reply, Alan! I’ll take a look at this series and see if I can apply any of the techniques to what I’m trying to do.

This is incredibly helpful, thank you so much Gid!! I will try to build this myself after work tonight. Really appreciate you taking the time.

This is a really noobie question, but I’m working in avid and wondering if I could stack these effects on top of each other in the timeline or if I need to work inside sapphire effects builder?

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I’m glad it was helpful & you’re welcome :+1:
Sorry I’m not familiar with Avid.

Hey there,

I’m finally getting back to trying to make this work and am running into a problem I can’t figure out. I’ve applied the tv damage effect to my clip and have the ghosting set to the left. and then I create the effect again but this time shift it to the right. they both look great individually, but when I stack the effects on top of each other the entire screen around my mocha mask basically just gets blurry. I lose the ghosted look since the effects are in essence doubled up. I probably did not explain that in the best way but does that make sense?

just wondering how you went about stacking these effects on top of each other?


Doing it inside the effect builder (S_Effect) would let you combine the effects in almost any way you want (using an S_Layer node) – plus you can experiment much easier there than back in MC.

Gotcha, thanks Alan!

Hiya, sorry I’ve just seen this & ironically I just deleted that video from YT the other day thinking you were done with it,
Yep I got some blurring, I still have the preset saved, there were the same Mocha mask on both presets so I’ve recreated that mask, all i can do tho is show you the settings, but Alan knows a lot more than i do… :+1:

Thank you so much for the reply and all the help. I appreciate it very much!

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