Trying to recreate this AE treatment in PP w BCC Continuum FX

I found a cool tutorial on YouTube for doing a “bleed through” transition in After Effects using AE’s stock Fractal Noise + Exposure FX. (YT link below, 4:00-4:30 for the most relevant part.) I have been trying to figure out a way to duplicate this using Premiere Pro + BCC Continuum. (Why do this in PP? I linked the first AE comp but I need to do this several times w/ custom tweaking to each. The back-and-forth of PP-AE-PP is slowing me down. Plus rendering a preview w a linked AE comp is a system performance suck. 5s comp = 2+m render!)

I’m inserting two clips, one from AE w/ its native Fractal Noise + Exposure effects, and the other from PP w/ BCC Fractal Noise + BCC Glow. I’ve reached the closest I can get on my own, but I can’t find a way to replicate the growth of the white splotches from starting at a few discreet clumps of pixels to filling the screen entirely with the black background intact to the end instead of “glowing up”. Everything I try just raises the brightness of the dark areas uniformly across the whole clip, not the simulated growth I need.

Grateful for any ideas/suggestions, thanks,

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After Effects w/ native FX Fractal noise & Exposure

Premiere Pro w/ BCC Fractal Noise & BCC Glow

Original YouTube tutorial:

This is very similar to Vegas Pro’s Gradient Wipe Transition.

It inputs an image with Luminance and then transitions based on the Luminance.

So you can try BCC Linear Luma Key Boris FX | BCC Linear Luma Key

I’m definitely filing this in my memory as I can see where this could produce some sweet effects. Thanks for that! Unfortunately it’s not getting me home in this scenario. I have to stay in the AE domain, it’s clear now. PP = edits.

Hi, in Premiere you can try adding Gradient Wipe to you BCC Fractal Noise.
Then, nest it into a sequence, blend this sequence with your clip A using Multiply blend mode.

You could also try using BCC Clouds to generate the noise map, then animate the Cloudiness parameter. From there set that as a source for the luma matte for the shot.