Trying to recreate this effect with Mocha pro and After Effects

what would be the most effective way of doing this effect Johnnie Walker - Dear Brother - YouTube

Ive tried a few different ways and am getting stuck, would you use the remove? or how do you think this was done?

In nuke… You can do a 3D camera track. Then framehold couple of frames from where the camera looks at the horizon and sky when is not obstructed by the actors. Then freeze the needed camera for projection in the same frames as the frame holds. Then project from those frames back into a big sphere. Re-render the patch with the original tracked camera then, Layer over or keymix using mocha rotos to keep the actor where you need.

Thanks! I appreciate the information, however I’m limited to mocha pro and after effects.

What a beautiful little short.

You should be able to use the remove tool here. I would track the background and clouds and make a cleanplate and remove BOTH figures. You will need to roto the FG person very, very well over the top and composite him back in AE for best results. If you have enough parallax, you might not need to make your own cleanplate at all, Mocha Pro’s Remove Module can build it for you. I’d try that.

If you have trouble, send me the footage you are trying to work on and I will take a look.

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