Trying to remove a logo as webpage scrolls up, explainer video

Hi there i am using Mocha Pro plugin 2022.5, with the latest version of Aftereffects on windows 11 desktop.

So i have a explainer video seen below this paragraph, where its a screen recording of a webpage. Due to privacy i have used GIO insurance webpage as an example. Basically in this webpage you see the GIO logo, i want to remove this logo and just have white space, so that it looks like it disappears naturally under the top bar of the webpage. I tried the technique of cleanplating and remove modules and used cleanplating and a image i created on youtube without the logo, i found lots of diff techniques but none really related to what i want to do. I followed this youtubers video Mocha Pro Tips How to Remove Object Tutorial - YouTube.

I cant show you the actual website im videoing due to privacy, but basically i setup in Mocha like this below this paragraph, with the red square being the logo being tracked and the blue square tracking the white part of the background. So i end up with 2 layers.


I tracked the logo and then linked the tracking data of the logo to the blue rectangle i then created a cleanplate reference using mocha which i opened in photoshop, removed the logo in photoshop. Went back into Mocha, clicked the checkbox to enable “Use cleanplates Exclusivley” in the remove panel, imported the cleanplate image i created with no logo. I rendered it, and it does a fantastic job removing it, but for some reason i go into after effects and things dont look right. And looks like this below (my actual web page explainer ), i have applied the same thing to comp layers and actual raw footage layers and still end up with similar results as below. Where the logo has strange artifact going on.

I need the fastest way to do this, as i have a few videos i need to clean up. If this is even possible. I am unable to also modify the html code of the web page to remove the logo as the device i have access to is admin protected and im unable to get access to the elements of the page.

I feel like there is an easier way, but i have no idea.

Go easy on me lol

Thanks guys

Can you make sure the cleanplate you made is set to the proper frame you took the cleanplate from in Mocha as opposed to something like “all” frames? you need to open the dialogue in Mocha for cleanplates to do this.

Can you try turning multi-frame rendering off in AE?

If that doesn’t work, can you try turning off GPU processing in Mocha preferences, saving and closing Mocha, and then restarting the host and trying again?

If NONE of those work, let me know and I can take a look at it.

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Thanks Mary much appreciate this, i will be sending you an email. As it is sensitive content. I will send you a google drive link screen recording of what im doing and im sure you will see what im doing wrong, because its been days and i cant figure it out on my own :frowning: hopefully you can shed some light :slight_smile:

I sent the email to , cheers

Is it possible that using Mocha for this is massive overkill? I’m not aware of any editors that wouldn’t allow one to keyframe shape movement such that you could have a track above that is literally a white square and keyframe the shape and mask so that it overlays just the logo.

Hi, I just did it on your vid but i tracked the ad below because it doesn’t go off screen,
I created another spline, linked that to the tracked ad & i used an insert created from a snapshot of the video instead of a cleanplate (Expand Planer surface to entire screen),
then created a mask so the insert disappeared at the top of the screen rather than travelling over the header.
If you’re having problems with a cleanplate perhaps this is an option?

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Your a machine well done! Much appreciated that you went to the effort of doing this., thanks so much! I did it by holding out just the website bar and tracking the logo and inserting a white square, and then inverted and masked the white square so that when the logo scrolled up it would do it . not sure if its correct but it works :slight_smile:

So to do frame by frame would take me 10 mins, i hav did that but im trying to find a faster way, i have like too many videos to do this too and isnt very productive. Using Mocha absolutely sped up things amazingly. With Mary P giving me a solution and @Gid.Joiners tip its much quicker.

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