Trying to remove camera guy

Hello everybody,

I am new to VR filming and especially to Mocha VR. For learning purposes I was just trying to remove the camera guy in a scene just like it was shown in this tutorial:

But in my scene there is the dufficulty that there is not as much space to the left or right as in the tutorial. So it is not possible to copy the ground from left or right over the camera guy and the shadow. Remove module does not provide good results neither.

Do you have any hints on how to remove the guy?

Watch the video here: YIVR Stitch 0840 360 Stabilisiert - YouTube

Thanks for your help!

You’ll need to make a so called “Clean Plate” by hand (well, with Photoshop, for example).

Yes, I agree that will have to be the solution. Use a created cleanplate in photoshop or any other method.

Thanks for your hints so far.

Do I understand the Object Removal Tutorial right, that I have to track (in my case) the ground, where the person is walking on? Then draw the shape around the person, link that shape to the track, create a cleanplate and remove the person?

Or could it be possible that I have to create multiple steps and cleanplates to remove the person in several steps?

Looking forwrd your replies.
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If Mocha can not see enough data behind the object you are trying to remove, then there simply is not enough data to get a good remove. This is where cleanplates come in. You will need to make a cleanplate, and see if that works for your shot. If it does not, you may need to make multiple plates.

It’s going to depend on your results.

In general though, when you shoot, you do not want to walk with your VR camera in front of you. You want it to be above you and you may want to crouch down to lessen your profile. When you walk with the camera in front of you you make the remove MUCH harder than it needs to be by blocking multiple planar areas behind yourself. When it is above you, you usually only have to remove from the ground plane.


Hi Mary!

Okay, I see…

Thanks for your hints!! Very much appreciated!

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