Trying to stabilize time lapse footage. Looks horrible

Hey all,
Ive been working with this project for a while. Can’t seem to get this very smooth. I need this to look as locked down as possible, and for the buildings to not look like jello. Telling you the settings Ive used wouldn’t help much. As I have tried so many different variations.
Below Ill send a dropbox link to the source files.
Thanks in advance.

If you email me the project at I can look at this and get back to you tomorrow. I suspect there’s rolling shutter problems that might be pretty hard to fix.


Gathering all media and sending to you momentarily.

I sent you an email but for the benefit of the forums, time lapses really need a tripod for best results. Unfortunately, rapid movements in perspective and parallax are very difficult to work around. In this case, the closest we can get is using something like warp stabilizer and even then, it only locks the ground down. While Mocha can track this, it can’t account for the extreme variation in perspective.

I’d try the BCC Optical Stabilizer on this…

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I had to try this experiment. And the result is not bad at all. The main flaw in this trick is not being able to tell Photoshop what to lock onto first. I grabbed your images and in Photoshop, File–>Scripts–>Load Files into Stack with the “Attempt to automatically align images” option turned on. If you can figure out a way to have the buildings be the locked-down area, this would work. I would even use one image and mask around the construction area so it never moves. If you don’t have too many images, your best bet may be to do it by hand, one frame at a time. Image yourself a stop-motion artist.

Here is the result. Reminds me of the old Steamboat Willy cartoon dance with the buildings and the light poles. Bottom line, in my opinion, I don’t think there are enough frames for Mocha to process. I believe it sees these as different shots.