Trying to track large plot of land?

I’m using Mocha Pro 4.1.2. I’ve read the manual and watched tutorials; there’s still a lot I need to learn.

Please see the screen shots. I want to track a large piece of land shot with a Phantom 3 quadcopter. My goal is to export shape data and add an animated stroke in AE to define the property.

Ultimately the track goes off screen and my spline gets messed up. What is the best way to allow the track to proceed? Thank you.


Images did not show up.

2nd try…




The problem here is to do with the extent of the track. At some point, the values of the perspective data go too far behind the camera and distort.
The best way around this is to draw the shape at a middle point in the scene and track forward and back from that point. You can then link shape data to the track for masking it out.

You don’t need to track the whole area either, you’ve got a lot of good texture information in there, so finding a nice middle point in the ground should do the trick. You can then draw your spline outline and choose the tracked layer from the “Link to track” drop down.

Thank you very much for replying!!!

I will try what you said.