TS not acting as I would expect

I am a total beginner with BFX. But applying a present should be simple but not acting as I would expect.

Basic setup:

  1. BFX 2023 build in Adobe Premiere Pro 2023 build 23.0.0.
  2. Windows 10 Pro version 22H2 build 19045.2251.

Frustration generators:

  1. I have added a BCC Title Studio video effect to an image. Then clicked the FX Browser Button. Selected Badge Slide Green.bsp. Added the text. Clicked insert text. Then apply. Which returned me to PP so I could see it’s impact on my video. So, I could decide what needed to be changed. Problem number 1: positioned itself half off of the slide. So, I have clicked use Transformations then adjusted X and Y positioning. Also changed scale to 50% and opacity to 75%. Liked the look.
  2. But if I return to FB or the advance TS all of my changes are lost. Sometimes it doesn’t even show on the composition area.

Help please. I want to be able to use this software package effectively. Thank you for your time and any responses. I am figuring it is something very simple, but I have figured it out yet. Again thank you.


The pictures below show first the PP Program window at 75% and the second at 100%

PP-TS issue100%

PS. I went nuclear and delete and reloaded Continuum. Same basic problem. Also create if FB and go to advance UI and set x/y settings and size. Go out and the size is right but when I go back into the advance unit it has returned to defaults. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Also if I try copy and paste to another slide the x/y is wrong on the second slide. Not a good idea to copy and paste? Will try saving.

Thank you.