Turn Lighting off?

Is it possible to do font in Boris Title Studio and NOT use lighitng. I’m not referring to the “font”. I’m working on a project and needed to do titles over a solid red box with font on it. I dont want the box ramped, shaded, etc… Just a red flat box. Why do I need to play with lighitng? Its not 3d. How do you turn that off?

Yep, it’s totally possible to create flat text without any lighting. Try this :

(1) launch Title Studio
(2) delete the default text track
(3) in the Title Studio timeline, click on the new media button (looks like a test card) and select Flat Text

I hope that helps.


Hi Peter.,
I got the flat text part. Its adding a box or bar or anything that is not text behind it. I just wanted a red box, no shading. In AE you create an shape layer and boom a box filled with whatever color you choose. How do I do that?

To do that :

• create a color media element

• in the timeline, select the sub-track labelled “Shader - Color” to make it the current selection

• in the control panel, set the Type to Flat Color

• click on the color chip and set it to red





You’re most welcome!