Tutorial for Drone shadow removal?

still getting my head around the power of mocha, had some success for dust or dead pixels on a lens, now i need to see if i can get rid of a drone’s shadow if possible. it’s all over the place from desert land to urban concrete to grassy parks. Any places to start? Thanks

Mark Anderson
Post Supervisor WTTW, Chicago

Hi Mark,

I really like the series Martin did on the remove module. For the remove module, we have the remove module series part 1, part 2, and part 3.

The software shown is an older version, so I’d use the plugin and render to the timeline, but the technique has not changed.

Check that out and let me know,

Great tutorial – thank you for sharing Mary!

Confirming – the “Remove Module” in Mocha Pro is different from BCC Remover found in Continuum where it’s a completely different interface and implementation – correct?

Yes, the BCC remover is a tracked offset shape when it uses Mocha, and an offset point when it doesn’t. It’s really just a very simple clone offset but powerful for many situations.