Tutorial for Placing Text on a Wall?

Apologies, been busy . . . Might I have a Tutorial for the above? Having Text “move” with wall perspective.

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A tutorial really isn’t necessary for this, any corner pin tutorial will show you how to do that. What host are you using?


VegasPro 17. Any corner pin tute will cover Text Inserts?

Oh, we actually do not have many Vegas tutorials, so I see your point. The closest video I have found is the Vegas overview, which you have likely already seen: https://vimeo.com/227370152

And it’s not really a tutorial so much as a quick look.

Have you tried the insert workflow for corner pinning text in Vegas? Specify your text as the insert clip and use that to put your text on the wall. https://borisfx.com/support/documentation/mocha/7.0.0/#_adding_the_mocha_plugin_inside_vegas_pro

Can you try that and let me know if it works for you?


No, total Noob on this.

“test” = Text - Yes? Or have I got that wrong?

Yes, sorry, that was a typo. Also, a colleague, Vin, is working on a Vegas tutorial to be released soonish.

Is that specifically related to my “Wall Text” and Pinning?

Anyway, that’s great news. I can’t waqit - nope, I’m gonna have too!

It is relating to tracking and adding text in Vegas for cinematic titles. And he’s going to add the wall option because you asked. :slight_smile: Stay tuned! Thanks, @vincentm_e8c60

This is great news! I too would appreciate more tutorials about Mocha/BCC and its specific use within Vegas Pro. It seems most things can be done with Vegas and Mocha together but in a different way that how things are done in Premiere, Avid and FCP.
Eagerly awaiting more of this. Keep it up!
Martin, Sweden

Sometimes I feel as if I’m on a One Man Crusade for getting MOCHA working sweetly when back in our beloved VegasPro. I spent my own time with the BORIS Crew at IBC ‘19 getting a view of their VEGASPRO awareness.

Well now we´re a two man band, at least. Perhaps I should join you on IBC next year. :slight_smile:

As I saw BigGrazzie’s message I thought I’d give it a go and I got it to work in Vegas.
Vegas Pro 17 and BCC 2020.
The latter introduced the Corner Pin Studio, which makes this operation easier.

People from BorixFX/Imagineer put together very useful tutorials that are usually targeted at After Effects. I find that in general, I can follow these provided that I keep in mind that Mocha is used in a different way in Vegas compared to other video editing apps. In order to do an insert/replace from one video layer into another (e.g. Insert text on wall), Mocha needs access to both layers. Whereas the likes of AfterEffects provide implicit access to the video layer underneath, Vegas doesn’t. This can be achieved in Vegas, albeit in a slightly awkward manner, by applying Mocha (or the desired effect underpinned by Mocha) as a “Track composite mode” between two tracks in Vegas.

Here are the steps to make text appear on a wall.

• Vegas: 2 tracks. Set as parent and child. Top track will contain layer to be inserted on bottom track. E.g. Top track=Text, Bottom track=Wall.
• Vegas: Set bottom track as child of the top track.
• Vegas: Set Compositing mode on top track to Custom/BCC Corner Pin Studio (requires Continuum 2020). Not Bcc Corner Pin, now deprecated.
• BCC Corner Pin Studio: set the source corners (what to track on the wall) and destination corners (where to place the text on the wall). No need to get it exactly right since that is rather fiddly in Vegas.
• BCC Corner Pin Studio: Once you’ve got something that resembles what you need, click the Mocha Motion Tracker Button.
• Mocha: Here you can refine the source pins (area to track) and the destination of where you want the text. Track as per normal in Mocha and correct issues as necessary.
• Mocha: Note that Vegas has an infinite timeline for the clip, whereas Mocha will (rightly) see only the length of the video clip that you’re dealing with. As you track forward, Mocha’s preview screen will turn black when your footage runs out. Set the Mocha range of the end of the clip to the last frame of the clip. No harm if you don’t do this, but it will save you from panicking when the screen goes black.
• Mocha: Save the Mocha track into the Vegas/BCC plugin.
BCC Corner Pin Studio: Set Motion Tracker/Mocha/Apply to Corner Pins to adjust the content of the top track.

I was able to achieve something similar without BCC Corner Studio, with just using Mocha Pro as a Vegas compositor between the two tracks, but that was harder.

Hope this helps.

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Back up the Bus!!! - I’ve been adding MOCHA directly as an FX to the Event. However you’re separating the tthis process into two Tracks : Parent and Child. Why?

Please advise,


Mocha needs access to both clips and I suspect it does not have such access in Vegas when applied as an effect on the clip. And I assume that applying it as a composite mode between tracks provides it with the access that it needs to both clips on the two tracks. All speculation on my part; maybe maryp will be able to confirm.
I learned about the necessity for this workflow from the Mocha help file. Search for Vegas.

Nope, that’s not exactly so. And this is where a deeper understanding and awareness of Vegas is required. And is exactly why us VegHeads need specific tutorials. I visited the BORIS Team at IBC19 and they got the Veg Workflow.

Hi Grazie,

Now that we’re all back from the Thanksgiving holiday break, I’ll follow up with Vin on the Vegas tutorial and if it’s not totally covered in the one that he’s currently working on then I’ll ask him to create a separate one for you that specifically covers the steps to create this effect in Vegas.


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Hi Peter, me ole Mucker! Thank you. Great to meet you and the gang at IBC19. I learnt loads from you.

At the end of the day I’m looking for much better FPS Preview in VP17.

You’re most welcome sir! :slight_smile:

So Vin and I just discussed this and he’s going to complete the Vegas tutorial that he’s been working on and then he’s going to create one that is specific to the result that you want to achieve. So we should have two new Vegas tutorials ready and posted up in a couple of days and more will follow in the coming weeks. If there are other Vegas specific tutorials that you would like to see please let me know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate.


Oh yes… This is great news. Might I spread the good news to the MAGIX VegasPro Forum? I’m guessing they could/should also be enthusiastic.

Absolutely - please feel free to do so.