Tutorial Suggestion

I immediately thought of Mocha Pro when I saw this spot for Jet.com https://youtu.be/Z90wz-spxjE

I’d love to create an effect like this. I’m guessing your new Cinema 4D plugin might help too, but I was thinking a 3D solve and out to C4D (which is what I use). Still a little shaky on the 3D solve thing.

I can see Mary’s red top blowing it’s top now! What say you?


I am absolutely backlogged on tutorials right now, but I will totally add something like this to my list because it’s rad. Not the least of which because I can have an excuse to do some pyro in my garage instead of smoke sims… because, you know, practical looks great. Or I can just do some smoke sims… but that’s less fun.


Anyway, this is mostly roto and comping in a particle or practical smoke effect with some “head replacement” tricks to get the round blown out skull look. It’s all paint, roto, and comp work. But it’s done very well!