Tutorial video


Is there any chance of getting the tutorial, “Animated Cartoon Roto Shapes with mocha and After Effects” in real time?

The parts I want to study are where the video was sped up.



Do you want to study the roto? Because the technique is demonstrated once and sped up for the rest. Unfortunately, I don’t have the recordings anymore. Which part is confusing to you, maybe I can recommend another tutorial?





Thank you for your reply.
I’m new to all this, After Effects, Mocha and the other video editing software from Adobe. I find the whole concept fascinating. Right now it’s just a hobby. One that I enjoy immensely.

I believe I’ve watched all of your tutorial videos, many several times and have picked up some very useful tips and techniques, and I appreciate all your efforts.

Organic roto is my primary area of interest and your ‘cartooning’ of this video especially, intrigues me. I’ve used the Cartoon effect in After Effects before, but the outcome was no where near what you accomplished.

I signed up for Lynda.com and watched a tutorial from Ben Brownlee and that helped a great deal as well.

So, if it’s not too much to ask, could you point me in the right direction?

I very much appreciate your time and attention.

Thank you


Happy to help, this roto webinar might help you to sort more organic roto, and it is in real time, no speedups for timeliness. It’s really long, but really in depth. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.



Which roto webinar? Perhaps I’m overlooking the obvious.

Thank you,



The webinar I super helpfully didn’t link, sorry: http://www.imagineersystems.com/videos/mocha-ae-roto-masking-webinar-aug2013/

That one should help!


Not a problem. Thank you again for all your help.