Tutorial with footage like this?

Im am very new to Mocha, and are having great difficulty rotating a subject. See screen below.

When his hand moves over his arm I’m having to track each frame. I tracked the hand first, putting it on the top layer, but I’m still having issues with the track sliding all over the place, I’ve had the track completely go off screen left. Am I doing something wrong with the Planer Surface maybe?

Is there a tutorial that someone has done with this issue or could someone do a tutorial with 4 seconds of this footage to help me understand the best way to track it.

Thank you for any help

With areas like this, you have little choice but to either:

  1. Track a different part of their torso and link your roto to the track
  2. Manually keyframe the roto from that point

The main issue is that even if you roto out the hand perfectly, you only have a fragment of data left to track with behind the hand.

In this particular case, if the upper arm doesn’t move much, I would use the track from the torso to give you a general guideline, then manually adjust the rest of the roto.

What is your speciifc goal here? To isloate the subject from the background?

Ok thanks I’ll give that a go, Yeah I want to remove the background.